Alabaster Publishing creates distinctive publications that reach out to a specific target audience. We believe access to good quality local information helps people live independent and active lives in their community, and promotes a better quality of life. Our mission is to ‘Spread the Word’ and we want to do this as cooperatively and cost-effectively as possible.

We focus on intelligent writing and editing. Then we build up a great distribution network so that our publications connect with the right readers at the point of need – when they’re seeking information, looking for local contacts, services or activities.

People love print

It’s a fact. Printed publications are more convenient, accessible to everyone, are easier to browse than the web, and need no equipment or connections—simple!

But isn’t print expensive?

No. Its superb communication value makes print a popular, powerful and long-lasting way to get your message across. A well-planned and constructed publication can build up a readership second to none, and works well on its own or alongside other information media. Become a partner or sponsor and the cost is shared, but your information still gets out there.

Want to know more?

We have the time, commitment and knowhow to keep up with information for specific client groups. Our highly regarded publications offer respect for the subject, regard for our readers and a reliable way to deliver our message and yours to a particular audience.
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