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Quids In! 10 ways to maximise your income

Mar 31, 2015   

Here are some suggestions for keeping your finances in good order or even increasing them.  
1.   Find out if you’re missing out on benefits, millions goes unclaimed every year.
2.   Ring the Energy Helpline for advice on fuel bills. If it’s better to switch they’ll do it for you 0800 977 4498.
3.   Shop around for insurance … Read More »

In the Pink – 10 top tips for staying healthy

Mar 31, 2015   

Even small changes to your routine can help you keep you fit and well. See what improvements you can make from these healthy suggestions.
1.   Eat well and keep hydrated too …dark urine is a sign your body needs more fluids.
2.   Sleep well …not enough sleep makes you vulnerable to illness.
3.   Exercise …doesn’t have to be … Read More »

Socialising – 10 reasons why it’s good for you

Mar 31, 2015   

Whether you take up a hobby, join a community group, or just meet up with friends having a social life plays an important role in keeping healthy, active and well.
Here are 10 good reasons why socialising helps us get more from life.
1.   It is fun…connect with the people around you.
2.   Makes you more active… find … Read More »

Disability and Business: Top Tips for Disabled Entrepreneurs and Employees

Feb 18, 2013   

By Jonathan Wade, Founder, Smiling Cat Ventures, www.smilingcatventures.org
When thinking about the world of business, I tend to mull over my own experiences as a disabled employee and entrepreneur. After 25 years of senior management in some of the country’s most challenging health and social care environments, and being the creator of several successful … Read More »

Launch of Golden Guide Stockton

Jun 23, 2011   

Older Persons’ Assembly, 13 June, 2011
Many thanks for inviting me – I’m delighted to have the chance to come and say a public thank you to Stockton Borough Council, to NHS Tees and all the others who have helped support this third edition of the Golden Guide Stockton.
For those who don’t know me – my … Read More »