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Writing for a Target Audience

Feb 2, 2011   

Target audiences are groups with a common characteristic or purpose.  They may be large or small, age, occupation or gender- based, or may belong to particular communities, localities or workplaces.  If you are writing for one of them you should have a good idea of their interests and their concerns.
Writing is something many of us … Read More »

Advertising in print for small organisations

Feb 2, 2011   
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Every organisation has to generate awareness of its existence and its mission.  Even if you have only a limited budget and less time, you can still develop a good publicity campaign.
Advertising is an invaluable means of promotion and an effective part of the strategy.  Its purpose is to inform or remind clients about your services … Read More »

Print versus Web – Pros and Cons

Feb 2, 2011   

When you are trying to impart information to a particular clientele there are considerations of method, cost, distribution and effectiveness to bear in mind.  It may depend on the audience you want to reach, the deadline, the budget and the type of expertise available, but often one of the first decisions is whether you should … Read More »

Guest writers

Feb 2, 2011   

We welcome pieces from guest writers too.  If you have a contribution to make on a relevant subject—just get in touch. Click here to contact us.