Feedback and Links



We’ve been lucky to have great support from all kinds of organisations —here is a selection of their feedback.

“We’ve had lots of response from the Golden Guide. When I go out on my rounds people say that’s where they’ve seen us – because it gets everywhere doesn’t it, and there’s such a lot in it that people keep looking at it.”
Bluebird Care

“Word of mouth is what brings people in. Lots of people come in and ask for a copy, because their friend has got one – they go out like hot cakes.”
Blyth Library, Northumberland

“We use the Golden Guide and Living Easy guide a lot. We look things up for people and highlight them and recommend them to try it – but then they find other things they want to do as well. It’s really good. We like both guides.”
Occupational Therapy team, Northumberland

“I use your excellent publication for reference, thank you very much. To be honest I read it from cover to cover.”
Northumberland resident

“LIVINGeasy is doing really well, we’ve had loads of requests from people in Northumberland. They’re liking it and it gives us chance to talk to them about Healthwatch, it’s people we wouldn’t have reached otherwise.”
Healthwatch Northumberland

“I use the Golden Guide all the time. Every visit I have copies in my bag, and most places I go I give a copy out to someone over 50 and younger too. I point the sections out to people – I use all of it. I have used it online, but I use the book more – because I’m face to face more often.”
Support Planner, Northumberland

“Of all the things I’ve handed out in forums the Golden Guide has consistently got the best press and been the most spontaneously mentioned as a really good thing. It crops up often.”
Operations Manager, Northumberland Care Trust

“We have had three editions of the Golden Guide now. They are seen as having much more value than separate leaflets. For evidence of their usefulness you only have to look at how quickly they go out, and how busy it keeps our Information Line. Since the Golden Guide started publicising this, our call rate has increased dramatically. It also utilises a superb cross-agency distribution network, helping us strengthen links with other agencies – and not only that – but we get all the credit for doing it!”
Age UK Northumberland

“It’s an excellent resource – I put out the copies you brought us on our table and they all went straight away whilst most of the other leaflets are still there. We are inundated with information and it’s always a problem how to give information to people in a compact form so that it’s right at their fingertips – this is good -as good as anything. I use it myself – if I’m looking for services I can usually find what I want by browsing through it.  It’s great for professionals as well as service users and their carers. Please bring us as many copies as you can next time.”
Older People’s Mental Health Service, Stockton on Tees

“I find them a wonderful resource to have in your home, a little book you hope you don’t need but a little bit of ‘peace of mind’ to have on hand. Thank you very much once more, you are much appreciated.”
Letter from Northumberland resident

“We give Golden Guides out at events and talks and have some here to give people when they drop in. They’re really very good, very handy and are definitely going down well with everybody, not just people with disabilities.  We have difficulty promoting our service and this guide is an excellent way to do it for us. We definitely want some more next year, and there isn’t anything missed out as far as we can see.”
Independent Living Centre, Stockton on Tees

“Everyone I ask mentions the Golden Guide – it’s clearly a key resource for older people”.
Auditor of Information Services for Northumberland Care Trust

“Our Older Carers’ group thinks these are the best thing they’ve ever had- they like this so much better than lots of different leaflets that get lost – where can we get more copies?”
George Hardwick Foundation, Centre for Carers, Stockton on Tees

“We use them along with our own materials, people find them very handy – after face to face contact they’re the next best thing”
Citizens Advice Bureau, Stockton on Tees

“I would like copies for all our team, because there’s loads of information, so brilliant for families as well as the older person themselves.”
Older Adults Mental Health Team, Northumberland

All the information is there in one place and it’s easy to read and easy to follow – our social care team feel confident that older people are able to use it comfortably. They can sit and take their time with it. It’s an excellent resource to give out. Whilst everyone talks about ‘silver surfers’, what we actually find in many areas is that internet access for older people is zero, and they switch off with the first mention of the internet. This is so much more effective”
Adult Social Care Stockton on Tees

“I use these all the time – I give them out many times when talking to people – especially if they seem a bit unsure.  Everyone recognises them as being very useful – one person said he was really impressed because the book gave him a good outline   before talking to an adviser which helped his confidence in that first meeting.  I sent one out to a lady who was newly retired  and having pension credit difficulties – she thought it was brilliant.”
Tees Credit Union – Financial Inclusion Officer

“There has been a huge response from organisations asking for more copies, as it has been incredibly popular with workers,  young people and their parents or carers”
Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator, Darlington

“They are really popular in Thornaby central.  Have to say that when they came out we already had our closing date, so I was reluctant to take them in case they didn’t go ….oh was I wrong – they all went!  Would say that we need some for the new library … as people do love them”
Thornaby Central Library

“We give these out where we feel someone has a need – the feedback has consistently been  ‘spot on’   or ‘ very useful’
Welfare Benefits Team – Team Manager

“We put details on our HPAC system catalogue for practitioners to request them and they went out very quickly.  Very well received, happy to have some more please.”
Health Trainers service – Resource Library

“Many thanks for delivering another batch of Clever Clogs guides. Unfortunately we have already run out and need more. These booklets are so popular… they first appeared four years ago and we couldn’t keep up with demand then.”
County Durham Library service

“… an ideal medium for empowering local young people to make informed choices through access to information”
Youth Strategy Coordinator, Easington