Socialising – 10 reasons why it’s good for you

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Whether you take up a hobby, join a community group, or just meet up with friends having a social life plays an important role in keeping healthy, active and well.

Here are 10 good reasons why socialising helps us get more from life.

1.   It is fun…connect with the people around you.

2.   Makes you more active… find an activity you enjoy.

3.   You feel you belong and are part of the group.

4.   Promotes self esteem…be proud of what you achieve.

5.   Mental stimulation…help your memory, share knowledge and learn.

6.   It gives structure to your day.

7.   You give…your friendship to others.

8.   It reduces stress, it helps to focus on things outside yourself.

9.   Combats loneliness…and can help ease depression.

10   Makes you healthier, boosting your mood helps strengthen your immune system.

Heather Alabaster,  extract from Golden Guide for older people, Northumberland  2015-2016

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