Working with us

Alabaster Publishing specialises in producing directories, guides, handbooks and magazines tailored to suit their target audience.  We publish them as commissions, in partnership with other bodies or independently.


They cover health, education, community and leisure topics for families, young people, older people and professionals working with these groups. They are always popular and heavily used, giving them huge promotional value and a long useful life, and they have also been used for staff and client training, induction packs, conference materials, teaching materials and information and advice work.

Commitment to our information work means that we often assist in funding a publication by attracting sponsorship and appropriate advertising to help bring it into being.

The Package

We are not a media company, or a printing business with publishing tacked on— we are information specialists offering a fully holistic package to take a project from first concept right through creation and printing to final targeted distribution and with a launch and press campaign to back it up.

  • We can help reach a particular audience with your information.
  • We can help research, write, design, print and distribute a new or existing publication.
  • We can help find funding for your publication—through seeking funding partners, or sponsorship, or by securing advertising.

Money guide publication cover

Our partner agencies have included: Local Authorities across the North East; Age UK; NHS Foundation Trust and Care Trusts; GP Commissioning groups; Department of Health; Department of Work and Pensions; Financial Inclusion Forums; Financial Ombudsman; Credit Unions; Community Legal Service; Citizens Advice Bureaux; Housing Associations; Sure Start; Connexions; Youth Strategy Teams; Children’s Services; a large variety of third sector and voluntary groups and many more.

If you have an idea for a publication or information project or are interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities please click here to contact us or call on 0191 386 5918.

Commissioning and Partnerships

If you have information to deliver we can save you staff time by writing and producing it in your own format and getting it out to your clients. We save you money by offering a fully comprehensive service: we create content and design, make it web-friendly, add a launch and press campaign and monitor its progress after distribution. We are also good at sticking to a deadline and used to a tight budget.

If you prefer a Partnership role you will be featured on the front cover, consulted on relevant editorial, given prime space and lots of copies and included in the press campaign. This is an excellent option for organisations keenly interested in the content, and its distribution, but who do not wish to fund the whole project.

Advertising and Promotional Opportunities

Publications often carry straightforward advertising, or promotional pages used by sponsors for their own messages.

We can help you write up and design your promotional space or ad, at no extra charge, if you require it. Please get in touch for advertising and sponsorship rates for a particular publication. Click here to contact us

Value for Money

For each publication we set a range of Cost Options decided by the projected print run, likely take-up and complexity of the task. Best value for money is achieved when there is no waste and uptake is high, so the copies produced go directly to the users they are meant for—making the project very cost-efficient.

Distribution and Readership

Thoughtful distribution is crucial to the success of every piece of information that goes out. When information is provided at the point of need readers are much more likely to make good use of it. Most of our guides are free and we work hard to make sure they connect precisely with their audience.

We never use a scattergun approach but carefully build up a network of appropriate distributors for each publication. These may be via health or social care groups, charities, advice agencies, youth workers, libraries, specific information points and similar relevant outlets where our audience is found.

We know when it’s working because our guides are passed around the family, used constantly for reference in libraries and by office staff as well as taken out and about by practitioners. Readership is at least double the size of the print run for each title.

Guest articles

Occasionally publications have space for pieces by a guest writer on themes relevant to their subject. If you have something we might be interested in, or a topic you would like included please get in touch. We also put guest pieces on our ‘Spread the Word’ page here on the website, so let us know and we’ll consider it.